chapter  11
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Questions Concerning the Work of Forgiveness

A s I mentioned in the Preface, this book is not intended to be the whole story on the work offorgiveness. Forgiveness is extremely complex and happens differently for different people in various situations. What this book has tried to accomplish, however, is to provide one therapeutic framework to help therapists and individuals who work with, come from, or who are in families where there is severe injustice negotiate the difficult pathway of forgiveness. The four stations of forgiveness are conceptual frames to help therapists and their clients find their way along the road, but it is the individuals in relationships who accomplish the actual work. Therefore, people may take different paths in their quest towards forgiveness of family members. However, I believe that this framework does provide a guide on how to maintain individual integrity and protection while seeking to connect with the family resources of love and trust that will

206 Families and Forgiveness

Specifically, there are several areas of forgiveness that I have not touched on in this framework that people often question. The following are some of the more common questions that I have received.