6I’d Really Like to Kill My Mom and Dad - Children Who Live Behind an Emotional Mask
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T he children I am about to describe do not often come to the attention to school officials. They are good scholars, are well behaved, and cause no trouble. Occasionally a particularly intuitive teacher may note that these children are too quiet or do not interact with their peers. But, generally speaking, once these children are told that they need to play more with other children, they dutifully do so. They prefer, however, the company of adults, who often adore them because of their ability to verbalize intelligently. The only symptom that can readily be recognized is their usually uncontrollable need to boast and to be the best at everything. They particularly dislike physical education in school but will stubbornly and vainly try to excel even there. Teachers are often touched by their perseverance in the pursuit of learning and fail to recognize that their little bookworms are as desperate in their own way as were the acting out, destructive children I spoke about in the earlier chapters.