chapter  5
Narcissistic Disturbances: Case Examples and Discussion
Pages 39

J er emy entered treatment complaining of significant depres-sion and of concern he might return to alcohol, an old addiction,to manage his depression. Thirty-two years of age and unattached, he talked initially about a series of technology investments that had in the end gone badly. He had made a small fortune in a high-tech business that cashed in on a brief period of great success for another company. For a short time, he lived the good life and felt on top of the world, but he squandered the money and soon returned to a familiar state of longing for success. A subsequent investment promised even greater riches, but he researched the opportunity poorly and failed to uncover a fatal flaw. In the end, he lost money, including money borrowed from his family. A prized fantasy offinally extracting his critical father's admiration was dashed. Instead, he felt humiliated, and depression followed.