chapter  21
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Sándor Ferenczi and the Evolution of a Self Psychology Framework in Psychoanalysis: Arnold Wm. Rachman

Although it is generally difficult to pinpoint the exact date of interest in returning Sandor Ferenczi' s work to the mainstream of psychoanalysis, the publication of his Clinical Diary, first in French in 1985 (Ferenczi, 1932a) and then in English in 1988 (Ferenczi, 1932b), was a milestone in this process. The Clinical Diary was heralded as a major contribution to the analytic literature (Grosskurth, 1988; Hoffer, 1990; Roazen, 1990; Wolstein, 1990) and educated contemporaty analysts to a lost legacy of clinical innovation and daring, not often present, since the pioneering times of psychoanalysis. What is more, the Clinical Diary was seen as a historical link in the development of one of the alternate frameworks within mainstream psychoanalysis (Wolstein, 1989).