chapter  6
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Effects of Lingering Nazi Worldviews in Family Life

Gottingen today: a contemplative city with a 250-year-old university tradition, venerable churches, historic squares, which give no hint today, in their urban bustle, of what was played out here under National Socialism. Take for example the Albaniplatz, which surrounds the Romanesque church of the same name: it was to this square, called Adolf-Hitlerplatz at the time, that an enormous torchlight procession wound its way through the inner city on May 10, 1935, to stage a grandiose book burning, in an infernal act of mass enthusiasm: "A funeral pyre of filth and ordure was stacked up higher than a man's head, to be given over to the purifying flames" (Fussel, 1983, p. 98). Gottingen celebrated the victory of the national revolution and prided itself on having been one of the first islands of National Socialism.