chapter  6
Psychoanalytic Institutes As Religious Denominations: Fundamentalism, Progeny, And Ongoing Reformation
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I remember hearing many years ago a story attributed to Joe Zawin ul , an accomplished jazz piani st who was o ne of the ea rl y adapters of electro ni c keyboards in music. He complained of not wanting to be stuck in excess ively stereotypic "li cks" or improvisatio nal habi ts t hat all musicians deve lop and ind eed are recognizab le marks of the ir own musical signatu res. Zawinul wanted to be able to find a way to hea r new mus ic coming from h is fingers, so he altered his electronic keyboard such that the tones, instead of ascending across the keys fro m left to right, worked the other way around: to the right were increas ingly lower notes, and to the left increas ingly higher o nes. Then he played his mod ified keyboard as though it were a conventi onal o ne, listened for new "licks" he found himself creating, and remembered the ones that he li ked, so that he could he could play them aga in o nce he restored the keyboard to its or iginal co nfigurat io n.