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Then Jesus laid into him and said, "A man was going from Atlanta to Albany and some gangsters held him up. When they had robbed him of his wallet and his brand new suit, they beat him up and drove off in his brand new car, leaving him unconscious on the shoulder of the highway. Now it just so happened that a white preacher was going down that same highway. When he saw the fellow he stepped on the gas and went scooting by." (His homiletical mind probably made the following outline: 1. I do not know the man. 2. 1 do not wish to get involved in any court proceedings. 3. I don't want to get blood on my new upholstering. 4. The man's lack of proper clothing would embarrass me upon my arrival in town. 5. And finally, brethren, a minister must never be late for worship services.) "Shortly afterwards, a white Gospel song leader came down the road, and when he saw what had happened, he too stepped on the gas." (What his thoughts were we'll never know, but as he whizzed past, he may have

been whistling, "Brighten the corner where you are.") Then a black man traveling that way came upon the fe llow, and what he saw moved him to tears. He stopped and bound up his wounds as best he cou ld, drew some water from hi s water-jug to wipe away the blood, and then laid him on the back seat." (All the while his thoughts may have been along this line: "Somebody's robbed you; yeah, I know about that, I been robbed, too. And they done beat you up bad; I know, I been beat up, too. And everybody just go right on by and leave you laying here hurting. Yeah, I know. They pass me by, too.") "He drove on into Albany and took him to the hospital and said to the nurse, 'You all take good care of this white man I found on the highway. Here's the only two dollars I got, but you all keep account of what he owes, and if he can't pay it, I'll settle up with you when I make a pay-day.' Now if you had been the man held up by the gangsters, which of these three-the white preacher, the white song leader, or the black man-would you consider to have been your neighbor?"