chapter  2
Ongoing Change In Psychoanalytic Theory: Implications for Analysis Of Religious Experience
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We may find it instructive if, for a moment, we try to picture what would have happened if the whole chain of Freud's discoveries and theories had been made, not by a single man in the course of one lifetime, but by a success ion of men over a longer period of years. What would have been the attitude of analysts who had been brought up in the stra ightforward theory of the neuroses to the man who first adumbrated the concept of narcissism? In what terms ... wou ld lother analysts] be inclined to characterize the treatments carried out in the old days when everything had by hook or by crook to be accounted for in terms of the direct Oedipus complex? It is not very fantastic to

suppose that every one of such modificat ions as these would have provoked crises exactly comparable to our present one and to the many others which may be ahead [pp. 606-6071.