chapter  6
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Group Leader

The objective of this chapter is to describe and delineate the qualities, skills, and functions of effective group leaders. The inherent difficulty in this task is related to the wide variety of characteristics that can be attributed to effective leadership. This variability is the result of differences in leader personalities as well as divergent training programs, philosophies, and theories. The diversity in member personalities and the varied purposes for which groups are formed also must be considered in discussing successful leadership. Therefore any effort to describe the perfect leader would be a useless academic exercise and have little relevance because of its nearsight­ edness. Describing basic tendencies that seem to have commonality among effective leaders and discussing a broad range of leadership traits, skills, functions, and issues seems to be a more plausible manner of accomplishing the stated objective of this chapter. In this way the prospective leader can assess the information in light of her or his own personality and theoretical convictions.