chapter  2
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The MANAGING Workfl ow

The central challenge for independent 3D fi lmmakers is that knowledge and expertise is far less readily available. It is up to the managing team to create an environment of understanding and communication, so team members can make informed decisions. For some shows, this may require close attention to detail by the managing team, even more so than for a “typical” 2D show. This situation is perfectly natural and should in no way be considered “hand-holding” or “babysitting.” As we explored in Chapter 1, if the 3D medium were already known and established it would not be as much of a creative opportunity. Part of embracing a new creative tool is taking responsibility for communicating its nuances to project stakeholders. The managing team is also the most likely to have been present for all or part of the implementation of the show, including image capture. Finally, the managing team is likely to have a higher stake in the timely and resourceeffi cient delivery of a show.