chapter  4
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The GEOMETRY Workfl ow

Geometry issues usually originate in the acquisition (production) portion of the image path. With natively shot imagery, geometry issues from production are “baked in” the footage. In rare cases, geometry issues can originate in postproduction. Issues introduced in the post workfl ow can be resolved by reverting to the version of the show that existed before the issue and then

proceeding from there. For example, your team inadvertently introduced the issue of zoom mismatch during 10 frames of a fi ve-second shot. Your team can resolve this issue by reverting to the version of the shot prior to the mismatch. If the issue has already been integrated into the show master, the team must make sure the show master is updated with the corrected/ reverted imagery. Of course, this presumes that the managing team and the person(s) responsible for the project management role in each workfl ow is keeping proper track of versions of inputs and outputs in each workfl ow.