chapter  6
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The COLOR Workfl ow

In 2D and 3D, the color is known as a color space. Examples of color spaces includes:

• Rec709 for television • DCI P3 for digital cinema • YUV for certain color pipelines.

There are currently no 3D-only color spaces; 3D shares color spaces with 2D. 3D color can be a self-contained workfl ow or part of a Finishing or DI workfl ow. As with geometry and depth workfl ows, unplanned forays into technical fi xes can eat into resources intended for creative grading. Since 3D depends on two images acquired through two different image paths, it is not surprising that L and R have different color features. If you are familiar with 2D post color processing, you will have no problem getting up to speed in 3D post color.