chapter  9
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3D Postproduction Tools

Some tools are directly related to postproduction (such as editing systems and color systems). Purchasing advanced post fi nishing systems like Quantel PABLO and SGO Mistika is most likely beyond the realm of possibility for most indie shows. These are not tools that teams typically go out and rent. More typically, these systems are available at post houses or via independent operators. Some teams may get the chance to use these tools as part of a relationship with a post house or with an operator working on a consulting basis. For example, you might do your “offl ine” cut on Final Cut Pro, but do your “online” conform, fi nishing and deliverables on a Mistika. Depending on your show, even a day or two spent with one of these tools and a competent operator can save your show days or even weeks of time in correction and grading depth, geometry, color and visual effects.