chapter  14
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Usage a The meaning of the demonstrative adjective is ‘this’ or ‘that’ (singular), ‘these’ or ‘those’


b The demonstrative adjective occurs only before a noun, or before an adjective which is itself

qualifying a noun, e.g. ce coupon (line 63). It is never found separate from a noun. (But see

Discover more about demonstratives, 2f, below, for literary use of the pronoun ce.)

Formation a The forms of the demonstrative adjective are:

singular plural

masc. ce, cet ces

fem. cette ces

b The masculine singular form which occurs before a word beginning with a consonant or

aspirate ‘h’ is ce, e.g. ce coupon (line 63). For the use of cet, see Discover more about

demonstratives, 1a, below.