chapter  5
Other determiners and pronouns
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DETERMINERS are a limited set of small words used with NOUNS to relate them to a particular context or situation.

They typically occupy the fi rst position in a noun phrase, before any adjectives.

Determiner Adjective/adjectival phrase Noun

dieser einige sein jedes

heidnische fl eißige ultramodernes vom Kultbuchautor Adams erfundene

Gott Studenten Raumschiff Computerspiel

The determiners include the definite and indefinite articles, which are dealt with in Chapter 4, and all other words used to determine nouns, like the demonstratives (dieser, jener, etc.), the possessives (mein, sein, etc.), the interrogatives (e.g. welcher) and indefi nites (einige, etliche, etc.).

PRONOUNS are a limited set of small words which stand in place of NOUNS or NOUN PHRASES. In particular they stand for nouns or noun phrases which have already been mentioned or which do not need to be repeated in full. They include the personal pronouns, which are dealt with in Chapter 3, demonstrative pronouns, possessive pronouns, interrogative pronouns, the relative pronouns (the ‘who’ and ‘which’ words) and indefinite pronouns.