chapter  21
Aid for the developing world
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The argument continues, but a balanced judgement would probably be that aid is necessary for now, even if it is ineffi cient. Few would disagree that ultimately the best way to combat poverty is job creation. This should be a prime aim, to bring money and dignity to young Africans. In an ideal world, international aid should perhaps be phased out within a foreseeable timeframe, but what that timeframe should be is currently illusive. There seems no prospect in the foreseeable future of developing countries being able to cope with some of the extreme disasters experienced in recent years, and these are likely to be magnifi ed by climate change. The

To aid or not to aid? The quotation from Senator Mitchell encapsulates a common argument advanced by many on both sides of the gift – donors and receivers. Few would doubt that this is a worthy long-term aim, but many, including the United Nations, would realistically say that aid is essential in the shorter term, and particularly so for impoverished nations, failing economies and disaster situations.