chapter  1
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Repetition (1843)

A Core Text

To give an adequate overview of the small work Repetition is not that easy. Because of many digressions, it is so easy to get lost in all the details. The digressions, however, do not represent weaknesses of the book; rather they must be considered as some of its strengths. Thus those who have gotten confused by this text often find themselves in a rather enjoyable situation. The reason is quite simply that the book is intended to be enjoyable, and it can be enjoyed in all its devious and unpredictable devices because of its ironic undertone. When one thing is said and something else is communicated, the real meaning becomes an open question. Two contradictory statements presented at the same time call for a choice. This requires strategies for interpretation, and the strategy that will be followed here is to go into Repetition for the purpose of finding out if it can lead us into Kierkegaard’s understanding of what psychology is about. As a first step in this process, it would of course be of value merely to get an overview of the book from this perspective.