chapter  1
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Handbook of Hate: The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews

American Jews were, for the most part, merchants and traders clustered in cities like New York, Philadelphia and Newport in the North, Charleston, Savannah, Richmond and New Orleans in the South. The last half-century has witnessed a veritable explosion of black studies programs at colleges and universities in the United States, with commensurate publications in black history. The lone mention of Jews in Eugene Genovese' 800-page study Roll Jordan Roll: The World the Slaves Made comes in the context of slaves identifying with Jewish Biblical history and "the persuasive theme of deliverance" that Moses presents as redeemer. The Secret Relationship offers howler after howler in the name of scholarship, beginning with a preface which claims to offer understanding for Jewish suffering throughout history, then indicts Jews for economic exploitation of Gentiles. The number, exact or approximate, of Africans transported to the New World is open to debate.