chapter  17
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Blacks and Jews: An Alliance of Convenience

Reverend King called for support of a demonstration against segregation in St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the United States. Seventeen rabbis joined Dr. King and were jailed with him. The Secret Relationship is relentless in its exaggerations of Jewish activity in the slave trade before the Civil War. Thirty years later, Henry Louis Gates was to lament that the "original sin" of Jews was their very involvement in black causes. Ten years before Lyndon Johnson launched many of his Great Society programs, Gordon Allport predicted these very problems in a heterogeneous society. One concept that offers solace to blacks and simultaneously unnerves Jews is Third Worldism. A few scholars have dismissed such comments as "resonant metaphors" like chants of "Kill the Jews" and "Hitler should have finished the job" uttered by mobs during the Crown Heights riots.