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Editor’s Introduction

WithSola Pool Ithiel de

This chapter seeks to express the spirit of Ithiel Pool’s scientific work. It discusses elements of his life, his civic engagement with the issues of his time, his instinct for scientific leadership, and his passionate commitment to a world with freedom and human dignity. He was deeply educated in the humanities. Thus, there was a degree of surprise and frustration when a movement of deconstructionists and other humanists began to criticize the scientific study of communication processes. He studied political development in decades when millions more died in the Chinese revolution and other nationalist/decolonial revolutions; and Soviet-American confrontations, intensified by ideology, threatened nuclear wars. The development of social science continues to face political challenges in America: when it is used to recommend greater effectiveness for contentious policies; from the unexpected tenacity and competition of simple and familiar ideological ideas; from deconstructionism and other misdirected wastes of time; and from government.