chapter  4
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The Simulmatics Project

WithSola Pool Ithiel de

In this chapter, the authors examines the history of the Simulmatics project: the fact that it was sponsored and actually used by a partisan group makes the story of its management of some interest to students of public opinion research. The Williamstown Public Opinion Research Center agreed to permit the use of polls in their archives on two conditions; First, all basic data tabulated by Simulmatics from their cards were to be made available to the Center so the Republican Party would have an equal opportunity to use such data if they wanted them. Second, and demanded by both the Roper Public Opinion Research Center and the social scientists engaged in the study, all results could be published for scientific purposes after the election. By June of 1960 the authors were able to prepare a first report as a sample of the kind of thing which might be done by the Simulmatics process.