chapter  9
17 Pages

Pawns and Mascots

WithJames T. Bennett, Thomas J. Dilorenzo

One tactic or strategy that is employed to promote the government-control agenda is to pick certain segments of the population and treat them as political pawns or, as economist Thomas Sowell calls them, mascots, who are portrayed as pathetic or needy people whose problems ostensibly "justify" nationalized health care. Children are currently being used in this way in the context of proposals for nationalized maternity care which amount to nothing but the nationalization of children. The public health movement's case for nationalized child care is laid out in a 1992 book published by the American Public Health Association entitled A Pound of Prevention: The Case for Universal Maternity Care in the US. The federal government evaluated a pilot program for "child development" known as the "Com-prehensive Child Development Program." The advocates of nationalized maternity care point to the US Army as a successful example of government-run maternity care which should be replicated in the civilian sector.