chapter  4
Amiri Baraka– “Four Tough Good Byes” (2007)
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Though “beginning” travels backward into the wherever, this one was Jackie Mc’s. I’ve already written about it for some weird Spanish magazine (Matador ca: Jan 07). That’s the way it goes in the craziness where we live, harnessed to the dead. Those who still walk around with the harshing memory of those who don’t (not visibly) Right now Little Melonnae is playing accidentally (not) on the box. I played it, maybe, the day I got the news. Jackie’s great album Let Freedom Ring (which really marked the high water mark of that generation’s thrust to innovation). The story about how I had to curse out Clerk Eichman at the record store, even to buy the record, is in the Spanish piece. And just before I began* (*physically not philosophically) to type

Whatever this is … this piece, I picked up the old LP sitting on top of the middle aged box & put it on, not really realizing that I was going to work on this piece.