chapter  10
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Voting with Their Feet: Those Who Choose Exile

ByCarlos Alberto Montaner

Cuban embassies and consulates saw their staffs reduced due to the sudden resignation of ambassadors or other minor officials. Commerical, athletic, and artistic delegations, fishermen, dancers, buyers; any opportunity to leave the country served as an alibi to go into exile, even within the Communist world. One day in 1965, Fidel decided to permit the Cuban exiles to pick up whomever they wished at Camarioca port. In Cuba and the United States madness was organized. Exiles are also exiled, as happened with the majority of the Spanish Republicans and, later, Chilean exiles who arrived fleeing Pinochet's fascist repression. The experience has been fateful for the Chileans. In April 1980 (to quote a revolutionary song) 'the commander arrived and ordered a halt' to the horror in order to punish the Peruvians. As is known, there are a number of children of exiled Cubans who are Castroists, travel to Cuba, and keep certain lines of communication open with the Cuban establishment.