chapter  14
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Castro’s Cuba in Gorbachev’s Era: Factors That Weaken/Consolidate Castroism—Possible Outcomes

ByCarlos Alberto Montaner

All the symptoms suggest that Castroism today is passing through a period of change. Such expressions as 'this has to change', 'something has got to happen', or 'things cannot go on like this' can be heard from many different quarters. Cuba has become a society characterized by misery, sacrifices, and social tensions. It is therefore legitimate to assume that disillusionment with Castroism is practically absolute. Economic and political liberalization might enable the Castroite oligarchy to stay in power a bit longer, but in the long term an evolution toward a market economy and more democratic freedom would lead to the demise of the Cuban Marxist regime. Cuba is full of generals like Del Pino and colonels like Azpillaga. These are people close to the powder kegs and who are fed up with Castro's mad impulses.