chapter  2
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Anatomy of Power in Castro’s Cuba

ByCarlos Alberto Montaner

Soviet power is more potential than effective. Because of the aid that Russia gives Cuba, there is a potential for blackmail, Cuba only has oil reserves for thirty days. The Cuban government's bureaucratic design is not typical of a country struggling with underdevelopment, but of an imperialistic power that wants to influence, and does influence, world events. It would be ludicrous to consider the Cuban government as the state machinery of a poor Third World country desperately trying to develop in spite of the obstacles the superpowers place in its way. Regis Debray published in Paris his version of Che Guevara's Bolivian adventure. Debray interned himself in the Cuban madhouse in the mid-sixties. Recent Cuban history is absolutely unexplainable if one forgets the psychological makeup of its principal and almost sole protagonist. Months after attaining power, the Cuban Revolution's leadership directed the rapid radicalization process.