chapter  4
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Cuban Military Imperialism

ByCarlos Alberto Montaner

According to the most reliable analysis, Cuba has the world's ninth largest army and the second in size in America. Cuba has not been able, after twenty years, to achieve something as simple as ending the scarcity of coffee, but it has 'defeated imperialism' each time it has put its mind to it. One final aspect of the Cuban question has been revealed by these manifest examples of military interventionism: Honorable persons can no longer continue to say that Cuba is a poor country trying to develop in spite of United States hostility. The most tragic aspect of Castroite militarism is the creation in that small island of a military caste and of an institution which will outlive Castroism and Communism. When Cuban Communism becomes an anecdote of the past, in ten, twenty, thirty years, those monstrous armed forces will continue being the most onerous factor in the country's institutional life.