chapter  5
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Beneficiaries of the Revolution

ByCarlos Alberto Montaner

In prerevolutionary Cuba only 30 percent of the population was rural, and there existed in the country a wide stratum of what modern economists call 'middle social levels'. It is logical to suppose that Castro recruits his faithful from the lower social levels and his enemies from the middle and upper social levels. The first exception to this generalization is the Cuban revolutionary hierarchy, which comes from the middle and even upper social levels. It has been stated that the revolution has generally benefited the poorest fringe of the lower social levels. Cuba is the Latin American nation where sports are practiced the most and the best. Medical attention has been another of the revolution's priorities. Education is another conquest of which the Cuban government is proud, and in some aspects is certainly entitled to be so, especially in the case of rural education and in the attention given to illiterate adults.