chapter  6
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Economic Failure

ByCarlos Alberto Montaner

Production is socialism's neurotic fixation. In Cuba, the fatherland's honor is located in the smokestacks. Cuba has turned its back on the consumer society. It is said that Cuba lost a great deal with the economic blockade imposed by the United States, but it is supposed that it gained more in return from the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, Korea, and the family of satellites. It tightened economic ties with Western Europe and Canada. Scarcity and prolonged rationing have painful consequences: In the midst of an idealistic society, the Cuban New Man lives worried about material goods. Halfway along the road and in the midst of economic failure, Castroism changed horses. Cubanology, like any other appendix to social science, should begin by doubting the premises and axioms offered it at the outset. If Cubanologists do not do this, they will end up accepting a pig in a poke.