chapter  7
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Hidden Evils of Castroism

ByCarlos Alberto Montaner

There is a Castroism universally condemned, made up of prisons, execution walls, acts of repudiation, impoverishment, and other obvious miseries. Almost three decades of Castroism have dried up the hopes of many Cubans for a successful destiny as a people. Castroism has made the crudest insolidarity widespread among Cubans. The relentless model of Castro's state has converted too many Cubans into commissars, butchers, beaters, informers, humiliators of every kind, people who have mistreated their fellow man with excessive cruelty for too long. Every time that the horrors of Castroism has made a citizen trained, educated, and developed in the life world and values of the middle class and the bourgeoisie take off for a foreign country, it has unfeelingly wasted an important part of the human capital that country accumulated. Castroism has provoked the total alienation of Cubans as citizens, turning them into legions of destructive vandals.