chapter  3
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Joseph Faniso Mati: The Organizer

ByVáclav Havel, Jan K. Coetzee, Lynda Gilfillan, Otakar Hulec

You ask me where did it all start? I don’t know. It might even go back to my birth. I was born on a farm near Adelaide where politics seemed to enter your system with your food and with all the other things about being a child. That was the farm of Errol Moorcroft’s parents. He later became a member of the opposition in the white parliament. On that same farm was born Makhenkesi Stofile, who became the premier of the Eastern Cape. I was young when we left the farm but I can still recall that life was not very difficult. There was no shortage of food. We ate green things and fruit from the fields and there were quite a lot of rabbits and other animals for meat. Sometimes we even got some mealies harvested on the farms. When it came to health we had very few problems.