chapter  5
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Monde Colin Mkunqwana: The Analyst

ByVáclav Havel, Jan K. Coetzee, Lynda Gilfillan, Otakar Hulec

Both my parents were domestic workers. During the early part of my childhood my father was working for the George family of 22 Botha Road, Selbourne, here in East London. We lived in the servant’s quarters in the back yard, but I remember being treated almost as a son in the household. I never experienced prejudice or any other negative attitude. Mr. and Mrs. . George had two sons, far older than me, but they allowed me to play with their toys and to ride their bicycles. It was in particular with the younger son, Brian, that I had a close relationship—a relationship that continues until today. Although our family income was very meagre, we had shelter and food. That gratified my father because it was his main mission to provide food and shelter for his family. And as a sign of his gratification my father gave me the name Colin as a second name—after one of the George’s cousins who lived in what was then Rhodesia. This shows the special relationship with this family; a relationship that lasts until this very day.