chapter  7
36 Pages

Jiří Mesicki: The "Mukl"

ByVáclav Havel, Jan K. Coetzee, Lynda Gilfillan, Otakar Hulec

It’s hard, now, to make sense of it all. What was it that set me on the path to political imprisonment? My clearest recollection is the persistent unease I felt, the disturbing sense of the wrongness of things as I listened and looked—a boy caught up in turbulent times. And then, in the aftermath of 1945, I witnessed the political manoeuvres in post-war Czechoslovakia and felt a fundamental opposition to it all. I didn’t trust Russia. I didn’t trust Moscow. Like the Nazis before them, the Russians were doing their best to get Czechoslovakia under their rule. I was afraid—and angry. If a Third World War broke out, I didn’t want to live under Russian occupation. I didn’t want to fight in the Bolshevik army.