chapter  1
28 Pages

169,198,000 Murdered Summary and Conclusion

WithR. J. Rummel, Irving Louis Horowitz

This chapter focuses on genocide and government mass murder. At the extremes of Power, totalitarian communist governments slaughter their people by the tens of millions; in contrast, many democracies can barely bring themselves to execute even serial murderers. These assertions are extreme and categorical, but so is the evidence accumulated here and elsewhere. The chapter summarizes the most prudent democide results and contrasts them to this century's battle dead. Putting the human cost of war and democide together, Power has killed over 203 million people in this century. Most democides occur under the cover of war, revolution, or guerrilla war, or in their aftermath. The result of such violence will be a new balance of power and attendant social contract. In sum, then, where absolute Power exists, interests become polarized, a culture of violence develops, and war and democide follow. Democide is committed by absolute Power; its agency is government.