chapter  9
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2,035,000 Murdered The Hell State Cambodia Under the Khmer Rouge

WithR. J. Rummel, Irving Louis Horowitz

In proportion to its population, Cambodia underwent a human catastrophe unparalleled in this century. Out of a 1970 population of probably nearly 7,100,000 Cambodia probably lost almost 4 million people to war, rebellion, manmade famine, genocide, politicide, and mass murder. From democide alone, almost all concentrated in the years 1970 to 1980, successive governments and guerrilla groups murdered almost 3,300,000 men, women, and children (including 35,000 foreigners). There are three periods to this catastrophe, and each involves war and democide. The first begins with General Lon Nol's coup against his head of government, Prince Sihanouk, in March 1970. The coup precipitated an all-out guerrilla war against Sihanouk by the Khmer Rouge, a war that eventually would involve the United States and North and South Vietnam. This period ended with the Khmer Rouge takeover of the capital of Phnom Penh in April 1975 and the complete surrender of Lon Nol's government and troops.