chapter  11
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Session Management and Control

ByThomas F. Collura

The key to neurofeedback is to present the brain with information that is related to its own function and that will facilitate beneficial change. In planning a neurofeedback session, the protocol must be defined. This can be as simple as "reduce theta at this location" or as complex as "train coherence between these two sites up while reducing beta in another location." The use of thresholding is one of the most important and also controversial topics in neurofeedback. A threshold consists of a value that is used as a decision point in creating feedback. In a manner analogous to the use of combinations of medications in approaching medical treatment, neurofeedback can be configured specifically to target particular brain states and operant behaviors. If thresholds are set once at the beginning of training, and never adjusted, there is the benefit that the trainee will see the effects of his or her improvement over time and be rewarded for progress.