chapter  8
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Use of Live Z-Scores

ByThomas F. Collura

The use of live z-scores is a relatively development in electroencephalography (EEG) biofeedback. The first major deviation from simple z-score training that describe the use of various multivariate proportional feedback mechanisms that provides the trainee with particularly rich information. The second deviation that describe is the move away from statistically based population norms and toward individualized training "templates" that represent real or hypothetic individual EEG profiles. These describe in greater detail once have covered the basic concepts of live z-score training. Z-scores can be computed for virtually any relevant variables. Operant conditioning using multiple z-scores employs certain specific mechanisms that underlie its efficacy and flexibility. The approach described produces a feedback variable that is not simply an on/off response, but contains quantitative information regarding the state of the z-scores. The percentage of z-scores that fit within a predefined range is a metric that allows the trainee to grasp how similar his or her EEG is to a reference EEG.