chapter  11
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Psychodramatic Theory

Contrary to the notion that psychodrama lacks theory is the existence of a number of theories linked to the psychodramatic method. They include the theory of Spontaneity-Creativity (J. L. Moreno, 1953c); the concept of the moment (J. L. Moreno, 1941c); action theory (J. L. Moreno, 1953c); tele (J. L.

Moreno, 1937a, 1941a; Z. T. Moreno, 2000a); role theory (J. L. Moreno, 1944); surplus reality (J. L. Moreno, 1953c, 1965b; Z. T. Moreno, 2000b); and, most important of all, Moreno’s (1940b) concept of catharsis. These theoretical ideas as well as Moreno’s view of psychopathology are the subjects of this chapter.