chapter  8
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Summary of Findings and Perspective

Profi ling the participants based on the user attributes selected for the study facilitated the assessment of their general levels of translation and web search expertise, as well as their overall level of domain knowledge for each translation task. This, in turn, allowed for the establishment of various correlations between the selected attributes (including task-related ones) and the participants’ web search behaviors for translation problem solving. We should remember at this point that this study was not designed to control variables and that its fi ndings apply to a specifi c research and pedagogical context; hence, any potential causal relationships should be regarded as hypothetical, thus leading only to the most tentative of results and conclusions. This call for caution should of course not undermine the value of the study. In line with the principles of grounded theory, the main results obtained are presented within an open-ended framework that provides the ground for the generation of hypotheses. These will, I hope, encourage and enable further exploratory research, as well as experimental studies aimed at testing some of the hypotheses generated in this chapter.