chapter  4
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The professionalization of entertainment

As identified in Chapter 2, female professional workers outnumber their male counterparts by a large margin (see Table 2.6). Between 1992 and 2000, for example, of the 458,819 professionals deployed from the Philippines, 76 percent were women. In 2000 alone, nearly 86 percent of all deployed professionals were women. Of the 78,684 professionals deployed in 2000, moreover, 59,505 (approximately 76 percent) were entertainers. Breakdown by sex is even more pronounced. In 2000 women accounted for 97 percent (57,523 out of 59,505) of all deployed entertainers. An alternative reading of these statistics reveals that of the 67,454 female professionals in 2000, 85 percent were entertainers. Of their male professional counterparts, however, only 18 percent were entertainers. Male professional migrants from the Philippines, in other words, are indeed found in more commonly recognized “skilled” occupations such as engineering and computer programming. Women, however, remain concentrated in “semi-skilled” jobs that are predicated largely on the servicing or entertaining of men.