chapter  6
Men’s perceptions and understanding of domestic violence
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Introduction One of the aims of this study is to investigate do mestic viol ence from the differ­ ent viewpoints of the main par ties involved: women, men and the judicial sys­ tem. This chapter ex plores the viewpoints of the male parti cip ants: their thoughts, feelings and actions re gard ing do mestic viol ence. I felt that the ex peri­ ences of men would increase my understanding of the issues highlighted in my research with women. In the first section I deal with different types of viol ence utilised by men, according to their accounts. The reasons behind do mestic viol­ ence are discussed in the next section. Men touched upon different factors involved in generating, legitimising and sustaining conflict in do mestic life. I categorised these themes, which were found to be common amongst male parti­ cip ants in this study, into two groups: external (social and cultural) and in ternal (personal) factors.