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On editing Marx: A correspondence with Karl Kautsky

Szabó’ s correspondence with Kautsky began, without their personal meeting, in 1899. Having just r e tu rned from Vienna, the young Szabo proposed to repor t on the congress of the Hungarian Social Democratic Pa r ty . Kautsky, not wanting to get entangled into the par ty intr igues from afar, declined, but encouraged him to write theoretical pieces. Kautsky was very sympathetic to Szabó1 s plan of a Hungarian Marx-Engels edition, although at first he doubted whether a translation of the ‘writings which are not exactly aimed at a mass audience’ is at all necessary , considering that Hungarian intellectuals, e tc . mostly read German (let ter of 21 November 1903). Szabó asked a few questions from Franz Mehring and G. Plekhanov as well, but discussed the general plan with Kautsky, whom he regarded as most competent, although he did not accept all of Kautsky’s sugges t ions . We have selected le t ters containing theoretically relevant i s sues .