chapter  5
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Pronouns and determiners

A pronoun is a word which takes the place of a noun phrase and can function as the subject, complement or object of a verb, or as the object of a preposition; it may also be governed by a noun, adverb or other word. For the purposes of this book, determiners are words, other than adjectives and numerals, which modify a noun, e.g. ‘every’, ‘other’, ‘same’. (Articles are also determiners, but their forms have been given separately in Section 1.) We include here the category of demonstratives (‘this (one)’, ‘that (one)’), which function both as pronouns on their own and as determiners when accompanying a noun. The uses of the full range of pronouns and determiners are discussed in Part III, Section 2.8. Here we are concerned with giving the forms of those pronouns and determiners which are inflected.