chapter  3
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A Note on Trotsky and the 'Left' Opposition, 1929-31

I set myself, in reading through the journal, the following question. What light does it shed on how Trotsky and his friends understood what was happening in Russia, and in the Comintern, during these dramatic years? Of course, it is easy to criticise with the evidence of hindsight, and naturally there could and would be errors of interpretation, especially when they were cut off from systematic communication with one another and with what was happening in the Soviet Union. However, it would still be proper to comment critically on their basic approach to the reality of the time. As we shall see, there were some points on which they showed acute understanding of events and trends. There were others where there seemed to be fundamental misunderstanding. Or so it seems to me. The whole subject is very diskussionnyi, to use the Russian word for 'controversial'.