chapter  8
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Some Developments in East European Economic Thought

The state of Soviet economics at Stalin's death was well described by the late Professor V. Dyachenko:

'Until recently, dogmatism and scholasticism (nachyotnichestvo) showed themselves quite openly in quotationism. Instead of independent and deep economic research, the authors of many works busied themselves with a selection of, and commentary on, quotations. Facts were selected and presented merely to illustrate and to confirm the assertions contained in the quotations. Matters went so far that the number of quotations was regarded as an indication of the author's erudition. An economist who found a quotation which had not been used many times in the works of other economists considered himself a creative researcher. After serious criticism of dogmatism and scholasticism in the party press, quotationism diminished, but only on the surface. In many instances matters went no further than the omission of quotation marks, editorial redrafting of the quotations, but in essence things remained unchanged.'