chapter  3
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Options for territorial dispute settlement

In cross-border and disputed regions, a wide range of nat ural and social elements could lead to cross-border conflicts and wars. There are various prob lems and obs tacles that are common to the settlement of territorial disputes and crossborder territorial management. While some of these prob lems can be handled with methodo logical tools that are pretty stand ard, others are quite difficult to address. Furthermore, specific con text mat ters to the evolution of boundary and territorial disputes. This means that each case of territorial dispute has some unique charac ter istics of its own. In order for antagonistic and neigh boring states to minimize or reduce the risk of cross-border conflicts and wars, this chapter provides various options for the effect ive settlement of boundary and territorial disputes. Specifically, six schemes (i.e. (1) fair division scheme; (2) joint management scheme; (3) inter national peace park; (4) neutral zone; (5) buffer zone; and (6) demilitarized zone) are designed.1 In the fol low ing sections, imme diately after the introduction of the charac ter istics of each dispute settlement scheme, several use ful examples in which the scheme has been successfully applied will be narrated. Finally, in the last section, the ad vant ages and dis advant ages of the six schemes are clarified, with further pol icy suggestions to practitioners.