chapter  2
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Generational Cohorts and the Emergence of Generation Y

The very meaning of a generational perspective will be discussed in this chapter, and criticism against a focus on generations will be dealt with.

Moreover, characteristics of Generation Y will be dealt with based on an exposition on research on Generation Y. Other generations that will be treated include baby boomers (approximately 1945-1964); Generation X (approximately 1965-1978); and Generation Y (approximately 1979-1990). The generation coming after Generation Y will not be discussed extensively since defi nitions of non-mature fi elds may make the book appear dated when more solid defi nitions emerge. There is suffi - cient consensus about the defi nitions of baby boomers, Generation X and Generation Y, although there is limited consensus on where the generations start and end. Generations before the baby boomers, between baby boomers and Generation X, and after Generation Y have different names and there is little consensus on when they start and end.