chapter  1
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Emerging Metaphors of Mind: Unmasking the Brain: Richard M. Restak

Metaphors permit researchers, scholars, and philosophers to create models as proposed solutions for puzzling problems. A metaphor allows us to compare one thing which i"s familiar to another thing which we do not understand. It is an especially useful way to generate intuitive ideas about complex and difficult problems although every metaphor eventually breaks down at some point. No problem is more complex or more puzzling than the human mind. Metaphors of the mind have enabled us to ask important and penetrating research questions that lead to a more complete empirical understanding of how the human brain works. As our understanding of the functioning of the human brain has increased, existing metaphors of the mind of man have given way to new metaphors. Therefore, improved understanding of the brain challenges the adequacy of existing metaphors; and so, the scenario of science continues - a dynamic interplay of metaphors, models, and evidence.