chapter  6
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Nonconscious Battles of Will: Implicit Reactions Against the Goals and Motives of Others: N. Pontus Leander and Tanya L. Chartrand

In the present chapter we consider three basic routes through which active goals can nonconsciously foment interpersonal conicts and, to at least some extent, socially aggressive behavior. First, individuals’ nonconscious and chronic goals can inuence their social perceptions in ways that put a negative or hostile tinge on

their evaluations of others and their goals. Second, individuals may often react against the perceived goals and motives of others by either moving to counteract their inuence or by adopting contrasting goals instead. Third, nonconscious goals often act as behavioral juggernauts in that they can operate and trigger aggressiveness toward others over the natural course of their pursuit. Taken together, we intend to demonstrate that active goals can nonconsciously encourage conict and aggression by inuencing how their pursuers perceive, react to, and generally behave toward others.