chapter  2
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“Force of the Possible”

Kelly, a student teacher, gathered twenty grade two students closely around her as she introduced and read a story to them. The story held wonderful ideas and her students responded with wonder. But, Kelly did not see or hear the wonder. Instead, she read the story while attending to the clock. In fact, Kelly checked the time, turning her attention entirely away from the children five times, as she read from the story that was relayed in less than five minutes. All efforts on the parts of students to convey their wonder regarding the story were abruptly halted. Students returned to their desks to complete worksheet activities that concerned vocabulary from the story but otherwise seemed quite disconnected from the story itself. Afterwards, as Kelly was asked to reflect about the conduct of her lesson, she was encouraged to return to the story with students the next day to gather and dwell in the wonder a while. She was asked to attend to what her students wanted to share with her about the story. But, Kelly’s response was that these were impossible considerations. After all, another story and associated activities were already set for the lesson tomorrow.